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Wardrobe Cases


October 2012

ATA Wardrobe Case from Kangaroo Cases

Kangaroo Cases, an ATA case manufacturer located in Dallas, TX announced today the design of a new wardrobe case for touring actors, musicians, singers, dancers, and other artists.  The new design offers performers the highest quality case produced on the market.  The wardrobe offers 2 independent storage areas for accessories as well as ample space for hanging garments.  “This case is designed to maximize protection for a performer’s valuable clothing, accessories, and other valuable tools of their trade.  Most touring companies have thousands of dollars invested in costumes and wardrobe articles.  This case allows for ease of transportation as well as excellent protection.  Our team is devoted to making sure our clients’ wardrobe transportation needs are addressed and met in this design says the founder and president of Kangaroo Cases.”  “For over 20 years we have dedicated ourselves to producing the highest quality case and never settle for anything less in materials, production process and the satisfaction of our customers.  This case belongs on tour with every production who values their investment.”  The wardrobe and all other ATA cases can be manufactured in 17 different colors, all made of the highest quality laminate on the market.  The new wardrobe design is 66”H X 30.25”W X 28”D.

Kangaroo cases builds ATA cases for the entertainment, medical, video, lighting, audio, and staging equipment industries as well.  For more information on this wardrobe or other ATA case designs available, please check the website at www.kangaroocases.com or contact the sales team at 800-890-1073

“Kangaroo Cases protects like a mother.”

Cases for Emergency Response Equipment - Dallas Fire-Rescue


December 2012

Kangaroo Cases announced a new product line today developed for emergency response equipment.

The new designs are for protecting, organizing, and transporting first response equipment for large gatherings, parades, road races, festivals, and fairs where emergency responders need to be present.  These cases transport critical needs including: oxygen, bandages and diagnostic equipment.  This is invaluable for first responders in emergency preparedness for crisis situations.

In collaboration with Dallas Fire-Rescue, Kangaroo Cases designed this product line for maximum mobility and organization of equipment used on site.

“We are looking to provide a consistent solution for the deployment of vital equipment that is secure and easily managed,” says the founder and President of Kangaroo Cases.  “Safety and first aid gear are a must for large gatherings, and emergency responders need to be able to count on this gear being properly protected as well as easy to transport.  We understand that emergency responders are out there everyday laying it all on the line; sacrificing for others.  It is critical that the necessary equipment is available and in perfect condition in order to accomplish this task.”

Kangaroo Cases’ use of the highest quality materials, protection of important equipment, and commitment to customer service makes them an unequalled value in the industry.  For more information contact Kangaroo Cases at 1-800-890-1073

“Kangaroo Cases protects like a mother.”

Kangaroo Cymbal Vault


Touring drummers and cymbal collectors alike understand that cymbal set-up is the nearly magical moment that sets their “sound” apart from the rest.  Now, touring and professional drummers can ensure that they take that sound with them wherever they go and can rest assured that it will arrive in perfect condition: no need for back-line set-ups.  Kangaroo Cases recently announced the release of their newly designed Kangaroo Cymbal Vault.

The Kangaroo Cymbal Vault was designed in collaboration with touring drummers.  It features a ¼” birch and ABS laminate construction along with recessed latches, a spring loaded handle and foam lined interior to offer a rugged, durable and comfortable solution for the transport of the drummer’s most important tools and best of all- it will last a lifetime.

“Kangaroo Cases protects like a mother.”

MSRP: $362

Kangaroo Cases has been building superior quality road and flight cases in Dallas, Texas for over 20 years. They are known for utilizing the best materials, proprietary manufacturing methods, and top-notch customer service making them the best value in the industry.

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