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History Lesson from Kangaroo Cases, LLC.

Here are some highlights of Kangaroo Case history:
 1987-1988 - Officially we hung our first shingle and had become; 'Stage Right' Case Company and started building cases for the public. We enjoyed the benefits of having a quality case manufacturer 'in-house' for our production /rehearsal studios needs. The demand for quality reusable cases even early on was always apparent.
1989 - Sold the rehearsal studio division of Stage Right and moved from Farmers Branch  to Addison, Texas.
1993 - Kangaroo moved operations from Addison to our current near downtown Dallas.  
1995 - We launched original web site!
1998 - Looking for an animal that symbolizes strength and protection, we changed the name to Kangaroo Cases, and our slogan was born. "Protects like a Mother" became our endearing slogan and shortly after we enjoyed fast growth and cemented our ties to great local and regional production based companies.
1999 - Danced like it's...well you know. We also moved our production in to a recently purchased additional 10,000 foot warehouse next door, so we could expand our wood shop. 
2000 - Bought out local case manufacturer. We also expanded our floor space
2001 - Voted best company to work for, by owner. It was unanimous, seriously you can check.
2003 - Kangaroo launched newer website, on the actual Internet this time.
2004 - Big growth through this period in our growing sister company, got our products in front of a larger audience.
2006 - We got around to registering our Name, Logo, and Slogan. Now we're legitimate. Oh, yeah, then the
hostile takeover of another warehouse and added additional personnel. Don't worry, our people told us not to concern ourselves with legalities.
2008 - Added Computerized Routers-sped up several processes for increased output.
2009 - Focused on improved materials-also updated our website
2010 - added a 1700' Showroom in the 1899 original 'Southwestern Telegraph' building 
2011 - added additional key personnel and redirected our product ideas
2012-2013 Key production processes and 'system' changes to enhance our product for our clients...
2014 - ....here we grow again... 

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