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We are the BEST! Why do you ask?


Well to start with our selection of materials.


Wood- our wood is laminated in 15+ colors at the factory. They put the sheets in a big 'ole press and press them for  a minimum of 24 hours. If you have bought cases during the 80's and 90's you may have bought from someone who does not do this important step. If this is not properly done you can have a bubbling effect between the laminate and the wood. It is not pretty. By the way if you have any of those, we have repaired them before. Anyway, let’s talk about the wood behind the laminate. It’s got a grain, well it's true, and what is significant about this is the grain is what helps give the case strength. Grain is you friend. Grain keeps you regular too, so they say. We use hardwoods of choice. We select good dense wood that most companies do not offer, because of costs. Don’t risk your equipment to a pressed wood or cheaper ply case. This is one area that we feel is the foundation of what we do. We refuse to skimp in this area!


Hardware- We use better latches. Mechanically our latches simply hold up. The basic function of a latch is to keep the case closed. You might be surprised how many competitors' latches you have to struggle with to get that simple function! Also notice where the latch goes over the tongue and groove there is an offset that keeps our recessed latches flush to wood and aluminum. We always do this. Some don't. You will also note on our large latches we prefer to use what is known as 'low mount' latch. The reason is when lid is open you can latch it to itself to avoid serious cuts and leg injuries. Yes and not to mention those cool britches grandma sent last birthday! On second thought maybe we need a wardrobe change…then after that check out the quality of our thick, offset, good closing latches! We have been in the business long enough that we can spot cheap hardware even in a photo or on the web. If you cannot see a difference, set up an appointment with one of our staff to look at the quality of our materials. We often replace our competitor’s hardware because of thickness of metals and quality. This is true with latches, handles, braces and corners. Don't fall victim to if it looks like hardware, it is…sometime the shiniest hardware is the worst. Sorry other guys, but it needs to be said. 


Next let’s take a look at our handles. We have replaced most of our competitors handles at some point.  Our handles are better. They are equipped with a thick grip. This is a great feature especially if you have used a handle with the little piece of rubber that looks like shrink wrap, yep that’s their grip. Kind of hurts your heart and your hand, huh.

Lastly on materials let’s discuss foams. We use two main types of foam. Not to bore you with jargon but they are polyethylene and polyurethane basically our soft and hard or plank foams. This is another area we do not cut corners. These foams will handle a whopping 2 pounds or better per square foot.  Yes, we can put the cheaper foams in but you may never call us back. Now that simply does not make any sense, does it? Take a look at the interior of any of our cases we are quite proud of them. Even our dividers are good plywood. We use the best materials inside and out!


Craftsmanship- We use a special clamping system as we manufacture cases that ensure latches, braces, and case specs are tight! We are tightlipped about this part of our manufacturing procedure. It is one of the many advantages we have, why do we do this? Well over 25 years ago we needed cases so we built them for ourselves. This is how we got into the business in the first place. ‘We can do it better’ and the ‘We can do it more affordable’ mentality is still here. We are always looking for better ways to improve speed and quality. We use CNC routers. This is a router driven by a computer. Some companies do not. This makes or spec's very tight. We also like the clean look on the interior of the case. Oh, I also should mention Made in America. Kinda makes you feel good buying American products. I hope.


Last and not least is Customer Service. Did you know we actually care? Yep, that’s still a cool thing in our book. We will talk cases with you, talk about your needs how it will function, storage, color coding, silk screening even your favorite hobby if you want. All right here is the bottom line …we want you to get more in use value than what your order actually costs. So, if you want an import, buy it, if you want a case with someone here to back the product, we are here. In fact I'll go out on a limb and say what everyone else says; you get what you pay for.


So there you have it this is why we are the best! Materals, Craftmanship and Customer service. These are some of what distinguishes us from our competitors.  If you wish to call them competitors. To be totally honest we do not want to compete with an import case company. Why should we, if you are a smart consumer and value what you are putting in your case. We are a good fit for you. A case is an insurance policy for you. It's really ironic for someone to have an item that needs to be cased and skimp in the way it is transported. Maybe it should be the other way around-OK that was a ploy for you to spend lots of money on cases with Kangaroo-not too subliminal enough? We hope you will work with us and see our distinction. We are here and ready for you case needs.

Even after all this we can still promise you a good quality case at a more than fair price. 

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Kangaroo Cases ‘protects like a mother’ !


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